The photo process of Gabriella Garcia at Beira's atelier

Gabriella Garcia is self-taught, and her practice ranges from sculpture to painting and installation. Her work comprises not only the context or place where it is but also what it derives from, where cutout figures take up space from different materials that dialogue through representation and often a farce. Her compositions bring magnetism in a continuous fusion effort through matter and history. From various media and dimensions, Gabriella works on the exercise of confrontation between gesture and nature, image and its infinite truths.

The photos shown below are part of the pictures the artist took on her analog camera, portraying the dynamics of our atelier. In the following imagens, it is possible to see patterns lying on the cutting table, hangers with pieces from future collections, clothes being ensembled on the sewing machines, trimmings, and the exquisite execution of our sewists.

Photography: @andrewanderley and @gabriellinha__


Image 1: Various topstitched pieces, BEIRA's latest development and research

Image 2: A garment's piping on the making

Image 3: Presentation of a complete topstitched look

Image 4: Sewing machine, labels, and materials

Image 5: Starfish Dress

Image 6: Hangers with clothing from our most recent collection

Image 7: Sewing with neon sewing threads

Image 8: Drawing the backstitch guide on the fabric, a manual process on each pattern piece

Image 9: Martinha, our seamstress, sewing the bias of our pieces

Image 10: Topstitched parts of a garment ready to be assembled

Image 11: A closer look at our latest drop

Image 12: Starfish Dress in pure silk, made to order specially for @gabriellinha__

Image 13: Angela topstitching a pattern piece

Image 14: @gabriellinha__ wears the Silk Starfish Dress in Toffee beige styled with the Old Black Wide Toe Oxford.