Beira is a luxury tailor shop clothing brand focused on high-end garments highlighted by signature triple stitching. Beira translates to ‘edge, intersection’ in Portuguese. Founded by Lívia Cunha Campos, creative director of the brand, Beira emerged from a process of crossing Industrial Design School with Fashion Studies, leading to the natural development of items focused on their potential wearability instead of any specific gender orientation. Each new piece released can be seen as an extension of an unfolding story, reinforcing and enhancing the experimental process of a seasonless and unified collection.

Beira’s name came while creative director Lívia Cunha Campos was studying drawings, observing layers between shades, and getting inspired by the delicate intersection between colors. The divisional line highlighted by its proximity is how the name came to be. Beira’s garments embody the creativity that flows from our developed objects to their origin, begging the eternal question, why should we create something? The uncut fabric is the unborn stage of all garments, so how can we build pieces that share the euphoria we experience at the atelier? Beira's pattern cut carries this energy, and we reveal it with our reverse stitching. The clothing construction language comes from the three-needle machine stitching process, and building the pattern from the inside out, showing the backside of the usually hidden stitch. There is a visible yet delicate tangle differing from the regular stitching. This kind of sewing is typically used for heavy-weight materials with straight cuts. To achieve this method, Beira’s sewing machines are manually adapted to work with round cuts and patterns, made with detail, and crafted from delicate fabrics.

The attention to detail we highlight towards the stitching comes from the guidance it can provide us to understand what we are wearing, like when water tabulation can guide us with water direction. This allows us to be more aware, and more careful, when making choices. An example is sewing with neon sewing threads that glow in the dark, then lighting with neon lamps, so people can follow the stitching lines that guide all our clothes. We make it possible to know more about how the clothes were built, in any fabric color or light.

The in-house creation process made it possible to develop those techniques, and our goal is to make it so people can tell when a Beira piece is being worn. All garments show outstanding attention to detail, and accessories translate traditional styles into a modern perspective.